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Part XVII - The Journey Home Begins, Starting September, 1945 PDF Print
Written by Charles Harper   
Friday, 02 August 2002

September 1, 1945,† Rumors are as thick as flees on a dog.† Some say that all men with 75 points will be shipped out in a week or maybe two and other say all the regular Co. men will all go at once.† New men are coming in every day to take the places of the ones already left, and from the look of things we are getting a few extra to take the place of the ones who are waiting to go.† I donít plan on anything till they tell me to get packed and then I will take it with a grain of salt.

Chuck will leave in the next few days and then I will take over the job of being Motor Sgt.† That is still a higher rating than I have but the ratings are frozen now so that will be one I will never get.† From the sound of things I wonít be bothered with it too long anyway.

September 6,† It is fairly definate now that the ones of us that are left will all be transferred to the 712 tank Bn. And will ship home with that outfit.† Their low point men will be transferred to this co, to take our places.† That will be a short move to say the least as they are located just on the other side of town from us.

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Part XVIII - The End PDF Print
Written by Charles Harper   
Thursday, 15 August 2002

A bunch of us went in to Marseilles on pass one day.† We could go most any day if we wanted to.† About 15 could go each day out of the Co.† I went in with a bunch of my ex-drivers and by the time we were ready to go back most of them had got on the outside of too much beer, so were a little hard to round up and convince that it was time to go back to camp. However we all made it.†

The next time we saw Marseilles we were under a full pack and headed for the ship.† The Col. had done a good job.† We were the first to load and were located in the middle of the ship.† After we were all loaded I took some pictures of the rest of the outfits as they loaded and some of the other ships that were tied up waiting to load.† Well it wasnít long after that till we were on the water again headed for home.† It seemed too good to be true.† While I was on the ship I was in charge of the rations for about half of the Co.† So I had something to keep me busy part of the time.† The rest of the time I was up on deck with the rest of the boys just watching the water go by.

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