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Conditional Patriotism PDF Print
Written by Jonathan Haase   
Tuesday, 06 November 2001
In last week's rant I talked about my frustration with the intelligence of the media's questions during press conferences after the September 11th tragedy. The inspiration for that rant came during one of the press briefings that I spoke of there. The inspiration for this week's rant came during the same time frame, but from a much more mundane source. A simple conversation between some friends and myself a few weeks ago.

Our conversation started off simply enough, we were discussing current events and noting that the terrorist attacks brought the whole country closer together. You can't drive the down the street without noticing it. The American Flags on the cars and businesses. Red, white, and blue everywhere you look. The overwhelming voice of Americans support the efforts taking place to bring those responsible for the attacks to justice.

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A Brief Explanation PDF Print
Written by Jonathan Haase   
Tuesday, 30 October 2001
Ok First off I thought it might be a good idea to explain a bit about what I intend to do with this section of the site.
Basically this section will be exactly what it sounds like. Approximately once a week or so I will post my latest "Rant" on a subject. No one is safe, and I do accept suggestions for new weekly rant topics. At the current time I have planned to do rants on the following subjects:
The Stupidity of the Media in Regards to National Security Matters.
People who would use Sept 11th as an Excuse to "Pick On" Arab-Americans.
And many many more to come :D
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News Media Stupidity PDF Print
Written by Jonathan Haase   
Tuesday, 23 October 2001
In the days following the September 11 terrorist attack on New York city and Washington D.C., something began to catch my attention about the various news conferences and reports coming out in the main stream media; The overwhelming stupidity of some of the questions asked by so-called professional reporters.
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