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Written by Jonathan Haase   
Monday, 09 April 2007

Well the new site is almost fully online now. After a big push over the weekend to get everything set back up on the server, I've gotten Joomla, in place and managed to get my template customized to pretty close to what I want it to look like. Tonight I managed to get the forum's moved over and I got all of the past rant content merged in. I started working on the World War II journal, but I don't quite have it all in place yet. I also still have to get all my old media galleries imported.

Once I get everything in place then I'll be able to start more regular updates, but this should get me pretty close for now. Things are definately looking up. One administrative note. I'm still working on the forum and site integration a bit, so the login link on the forum does not work correctly right now. If you want to log in on the forum, go ahead and log in here, and then click the forum link, it will auto-login with the credentials that you supply here.

Good luck and good night.

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