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Sears Portrait Studio, Part II PDF Print
Written by Jonathan Haase   
Tuesday, 05 October 2004
Well, Becky finally had a chance to call Sears home office. She talked to someone there a couple of days ago and related the whole bad experience that we had to them. To Sears credit they handled it very professionally. They promised to refund all but the cost of the proof to us from our session. ( Though I should note it's been three days and we have yet to see that refund hit our account...) They also sent us some coupons to waive the sitting fee, and reduce the cost per sheet for the pictures to $5.99 from the normal $15 per sheet.

All in all provided that they actually do get the refund credited to our account I'd have to say that they handled this quite professionally and I'll be quite satisfied with the outcome. We will NOT however be going back the Sears Portrait Studio where we had the first session done. We will likely never set foot in that particular place again.
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