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Written by Jonathan Haase   
Wednesday, 27 June 2007
I just wanted to drop a quick update on the recent goings on around the Rabbit Hole.  Becky and I took the kids on a week long trip to visit my sister in Maryland.  We all had a great time and we took a lot of pictures.  I posted a few of them in the 2007 gallery, under the Vacation sub-gallery .  I don't think any of us were ready to come back home, though I'm certain my sister and brother-in-law were probably getting tired of having to entertain us.  The kids really enjoyed their first ever airplane flight, as well as a trip to the National Aqarium in Baltimore.  Then Bruce and Annette treated us to a 2 hour cruise around the bay on a "Skipjack" which is a specific kind of sail boat.  I think we all had a blast with the entire trip, and the kids have yet to be able to tell me any one part that they enjoyed more than the rest.  When asked what was their favorite thing we did on vacation, they both say "All of it".  
But as all good things must come to an end, we did finally have to come back home and go back to work.  Later that week we finally managed to get the shop absolutely 100% finished.  We had the gutters put on and then poured a concrete pad in front of the walk-in door. I had already gotten the windows trimmed out and the garage door openers put up, so that pretty much finishes that.

We had some bad news after we returned as one of my best friends called to say that his father had died (not passed away, he would never do that).  Skywalker if you're reading this just remember we'll always be here if you need anything or there is anything we can do for you.   We love you man.  I'm sure your dad is "pickin' and grinnin'" and smiling down at you right now.

Well I'd take some time to write a bit more, but I'm being called. from the other end of the house and it's apparently time to put the kids to bed.
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