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New Pictures added to the media section. PDF Print
Written by Jonathan Haase   
Tuesday, 13 November 2001

I took some time last night and scanned in a few pictures to add to the media section. I didn't have a lot of time, so there aren't a lot of pictures there, but there are quite a few of Andrew from the time he was born, till more recently. As is usually the case with parents, we took a lot of pictures of him his first year, then kind of tapered off after that, so there aren't a whole lot of pictures past when he was a year old. All of these with the exception of the last six were taken with my 35mm Camera and scanned in on my USB flatbed scanner.

I also scanned a few pics from Becky's tour at Whiteman Airforce Base, when she got a chance to sit in the cockpit of the B2 bomber. The only other thing I have up right now is the scans of a couple of military commanders coins that I have.

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Rabbit Trax Dot Net Debut's PDF Print
Written by Jonathan Haase   
Tuesday, 13 November 2001
That's right, as of today, I'm rolling out the new site design for Rabbit-trax.net. Not everything is as it will be once I have everything worked out, but most of the pieces are in place now. It'll be a little while before I have anything under the Media section. I hope to scan in some family pictures, this weekend if I get time and get them up there. Also I'll scan in the pictures from Becky's tour of the B2 at Whiteman Air Force Base. Additionally I don't have the Message Boards up yet, since we're still in Beta status on the software that I'm going to use. I need to finish the template design for this site before I'm ready to put those out there. Look for the message boards to be up sometime late next week or the week after. I think that's about all for Now have fun!!
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