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Much needed update PDF Print
Written by Jonathan Haase   
Monday, 06 September 2004

I know it's been a while since my last update to anything here on the website. I was looking through the pictures the other day and realized that it's been nearly a year since I've put any pictures up here at all. I'm going to go through today and add a new section under Media for 2004 Pictures and put some new ones of the kids up there. I've got to resize a bunch of them first though, so it might take a little while. So check back later in the Media Section of the site for the new pictures.

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New Job PDF Print
Written by Jonathan Haase   
Monday, 21 June 2004

Well, everybody knew I would do it, and I did. I managed to find yet another excuse not to update this site :). Just when it seemed like I would run out of excuses and finally have to just give in and start updating this site on a regular basis I managed to find another one. I changed jobs. I started a new job this morning. I gave my two weeks notice at I-Land two weeks ago, and then spent the last two weeks trying to get as much knowledge out of my head and into documentation format so that things wouldn't be too hard on those I was leaving behind in the NOC. Having been in that situation within the last couple of years I really had a hard time leaving Mike stuck as being the guy with the most technical knowledge in the department after just recently being the "new guy". I really debated for quite a while on if I should take the new job or not.

It was a pretty difficult decision, especially since I wasn't really looking for a job. It finally came down to the point where all of my reasons for not taking the job were reasons that really had no direct benefit to myself or my family. All my remaining reasons had to do with feeling bad about leaving other people to deal with things. There comes a point in time when you finally have to just look at everything and make the decision that is the best for yourself and your family. I finally realized I was at that point and decided to take the job.

Beginning today I'm working for Lamm Technical Resources in Sedalia. I'll be doing various security and networking things for them. The main benefit of this job over working at I-Land is that I'll be able to spend a bit more time with my family as I will not be on call or carrying a pager for LTR. There were some other reason for changing jobs as well, but the main one that I can share is the pager. When Becky and I sat down and talked about things I realized that I've been carrying a pager for one company or another for close to 10 years now. I think that's about long enough for a while.

Things will be quite a bit different for me at my new job, it's a different environment and with some totally different types of equipment. I've got quite a learning curve ahead of me. However when I think back to the things I knew about the Internet and networking before I started working for I-Land compared with what I know now, I know that somehow I'll manage. Anyway, that's what's new with the Haase household and my latest excuse for being too busy to update my site. Oh and Becky and I had a great time on our vacation to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary. To take a look at some pictures head on over to I-Land's new iPics service and take a look Here. Click the "Hawaii" link under categories to see the full album.

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On Vacation PDF Print
Written by Jonathan Haase   
Friday, 14 May 2004
Well, this is it. I've got another two minutes here at work and then I leave for the first real vacation that I've taken since I started working here at I-Land. I've been looking forward to this for quite some time now, I'm sure Becky and I will have a great time. We've got everything arranged. The kids will go to Grandma's, the dogs are boarding at the vets, and we've got everything set up for someone to take care of the house while we're gone. Hopefully I'll have some good pictures to post up here when we get back. Aloha.
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New Guest Rant Section PDF Print
Written by Jonathan Haase   
Friday, 09 April 2004
I finally got around to something I've been contemplating for quite a while. At least partially due to the fact that I can't ever seem to get a rant done myself on here, I've added a guest rant section. That way all of you out there who are constantly after me wanting to know when there is going to be a new rant no longer have any excuse. Want a new rant? Write one and submit it here :). No guarantee that it will ever see the light of day, as all submitted rants are subject to approval by your's truly. Don't take that to mean that I have to agree with your point of view in order to get your rant posted here, however keep in mind that this is a family site and so rants which don't take that into consideration are likely to be rejected. If you are interested in submitting a guest rant here head over to the message boards and send me a Private Message (to Jonathan), and I'll get you the details on how to go about submitting a guest rant. For now let's get the first every Guest Rant out there for the world to see.
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Vacation PDF Print
Written by Jonathan Haase   
Friday, 26 March 2004
Well, we've decided on what we're planning to do for our vacation. We decided to go with the majority vote and go to Hawaii. We weren't really sure at first that we could afford it, especially since we are planning to redo the bathroom too. However once we determine that we wouldn't be able to go anywhere over the weekend of our Anniversary due to the fact that Andrew starts school that next week, we found a fairly cheap time to go. It turns out that it's almost $500 cheaper for us to go in May instead of in August. This also has the added benefit of being much sooner. Becky and I are both really ready for a vacation right about now. Right now the plan is that we'll leave KCI on May 15th and return on May 20th. We're still working on our itinerary after that, but at least we've got our hotel and flights reserved. So now we've got about 7 weeks from today to get a lot of stuff done to prepare for our vacation. I'm still accepting donations for anyone who wants to help us pay off our laptop and vacation . Bye for now!
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