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Written by Jonathan Haase   
Monday, 05 November 2007
It's well past time for the semi-annual update of the site.  Things have been crazy as usual for the Haase family.  Then as the saying goes, life is what happens while you are busy making plans.  As is in my opinion only appropriate, updating this site takes a back seat to spending time with the kids, and other such activities. 

In any case it's time to sum up the recent happenings around the rabbit-hole.  As anyone who follows the forums here probably already knows, I'm soon to be an uncle yet again.  My sister and her husband are expecting their third child, a girl, that'll make two girls and one boy for their family, the poor guys will be outnumbered.  We celebrated Abigail's 5th birthday last month with a small get together at the rabbit-warren, it's amazing how fast they grow up.
Abby is ready to head of to kindergarten, though by the rules she can't go until next fall.  She's already making great progress on learning her letters and numbers, and is more than willing to spell out the few words she knows on site for anyone who is willing to listen.  As is typical she continues to test the boundaries with mom every chance that she gets.  Just wait 'till she's a teen-ager Undecided

Andrew continues to do well in school and with his Piano lessons.  He started the third grade this year and is making A's in all subjects except for handwriting.  Unfortunately he seems to follow after his dad in that respect.  Luckily he also got my love of reading.  He is starting to get bored with Piano and is really begging mom and dad to let him start taking guitar lessons, but after consulting with several others we've decided that needs to wait at least another year.  He definately still has his love of animals.  His two favorite computer games at this point are Zoo Tycoon and Zoo Tycoon 2. 

Becky and I are both doing well and keeping things going around here.  Becky just recently had to get prescription glasses, her eyes are just barely bad enough to need them so she doesn't have to wear them all the time, only when she feels that it's necessary.  Her job continues to keep her busy, and traveling, but there may be some changes upcoming there that will start to keep her home more often.  My job continues to keep me busy but interested.  This year I have a feeling is going to be the year of continuing education as I go to more and more training classes for various products that we sell and support.  I've already taken and passed three different Microsoft certiciation tests within the last month, with at least two more upcoming.  I'll be headed to the KC area next week to take some Citrix classes, which will result in another Citrix Certification test.

We had our family pictures taken a couple of weeks ago and expect to get the results any time now, I'll post a few shots up here when I get the time.  Around the house we put a new sliding glass door in recently, and continue to work on removing the old baseboard heaters as we get a chance.  We've actually gotten rid of all of them upstairs now except for the kitchen.   I think our next major projects will be continuing to replace te windows on the house.  That should be somewhat easier thanks to the new platform I built to mount in the bucket on the tractor.  We've already been using it to trim trees around here, and it's much better than climbing up and down on the ladder. 

Well that's about the sum total of what I know for now, so I'd better get back to it.  Time for me to head back down the rabbit-hole.
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