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Written by Jonathan Haase   
Tuesday, 04 March 2008
Ok so I haven't updated the site in a while.  I know I'm slacking.  Haven't had much to add lately, but I thought now I'd share the details of a new little side project I'm working on.  Well over 20 years ago now Becky's Grandfather built a little car for her to ride around in.  It was basically a go-cart with a sheet metal body.  Well it's been sitting in a barn at Becky's dad's farm for the last 20 years in storage.  Don pulled it out of storage and brought it down to me recently.  I'm working on converting it to an all electric set up.  It's proven pretty interesting so far.

I don't really know how it's all going to work out, but so far I've gotten the old lawnmower engine ripped out, and a few parts ordered.  Right now I'm mostly stuck trying to locate a decent motor controller for it.  I'm trying to build it as a 24V system with two 12V batteries in Series.  If for some reason this doesn't have enought power I guess I'll end up going to a 36V system, but I'd rather not, the extra battery is going to add a lot of weight.  Anyway read on for more details and some pictures.
So first let's lead off with a picture of the car itself.

Becky's Grandpa obviously put a lot of work into shaping the body of this car.   It has a transmission and engine from a riding lawnmower in it.  I've removed the engine, but I plan to retain the transmission.   I've ordered a 24VDC 500W motor with an 11 tooth sprocket on it, and a 22 tooth sprocket for the transmission shaft.  I'm hoping to get this mounted pretty solidly in the rear compartment of the car and then put the motor controller under the seat.  Right now what I'd really like to have is the Curtis 1505 motor controller that used to be used on the EV Warrior line of electric bicycles, however they are getting to be hard to find.  I'm keeping my eyes open on Ebay, but I'm just about ready to settle for a cheap chinese knock-off controller at this point.  I'm going to hold off another couple of weeks and continue my search though.

Anyway keep watching this space for updates on how I'm getting along with this project...
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