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Written by Jonathan Haase   
Monday, 27 September 2004
We had some more pictures of the kids taken on Saturday. Abby's 2nd birthday is coming up and so she was due. We had decided to take them to the Sears portrait studio for this round of pictures. We weren't extremely impressed with the experience. You could tell for the most part they people working in the portrait studio that morning would all much rather be some place else, with one exception. There was one guy who by all appearances was just happy to be alive, and thrilled to be working. However he managed to convey this by singing loud off key songs and generally acting silly. About all this accomplished was to further distract the attention of the children whose pictures were being taken, thereby making the job of the photographer that much harder.

Between the photographers obvious lack of experience dealing with children and the loud guy absolutely terrifying Abby, the pictures didn't really turn out the best. Then to make matters worse the guy that they sent over to help us in making our final selections to purchase was one of the least thrilled to be there apparently. He chose to simply hand us the card that purported to explain their pricing to us without any further explanation. The card was obviously just a "cheat-sheet" for the employees to use in explaining things to customers, as it was filled with acronyms and abbreviations which made almost no sense to us. In trying to get some further explanation from the guy, and possibly some time for Becky and I to just look over the pictures to figure out what we wanted to buy we got the response that "I'm in no hurry, I just have to be here".

All in all a pretty disappointing session. This combined with our past experiences there pretty much assure that we won't be going back to Sears for pictures anytime soon. The next problem becomes where to go next time. We really don't want to spend the $300-$400 that someplace like "Lee's Studio" in Marshall would charge, but it's pretty obvious that you get what you pay for with a place like Wal-mart and Sears. There's got to be some place in between, no if only we could find it.

Anyway, enough with the ranting, the end results of our Sears experience are up in the Media gallery now. Like I say we really weren't impressed overall, but the kids are still pretty cute. Here are the pics.
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