No Follow Through
Written by Jonathan Haase   
Thursday, 18 December 2003
It's that time again. The time when the ad campaigns for and against various political candidates start running. So far all I've seen out there is the ad campaign against current President Bush. The ad basically is built on the premise that Pres. Bush is not a "leader" but rather a "mis-leader". Their whole point is the fact that he has submitted proposals to spend another several billion dollars in Iraq, when there are supposedly more pressing issues that the money could be spent on here in the US.

On the one hand I would almost bring myself to agree with at least part of their theory. There are things that the money could be spent on here in the USA. However I would have to disagree with the main idea behind their ad. Questioning why we should spend the money to help rebuild Iraq. I guess they just don't get it. Some people were apparently never taught to follow through by their parents. I mean the basic idea of following through is that you have to finish what you start. However I guess in today's world that concept has lost quite a bit. After all we don't want to "damage a child's self esteem", by insisting that they do something they don't really want to do. Not so when I was raised. I was taught by my parents that I should always finish what I start. It's not always the easiest thing in the world to do, but if you can start to do something and then when it becomes difficult just quit, then how many projects out there would be left unfinished.

Think of where we might be today if this was encouraged by our ancestors. What might have happened if Edison decided to give up after his first couple of tries at creating a light bulb, because if was just too hard. This same concept applies to many different circumstances. One of which being the continued aid in rebuilding Iraq. It doesn't matter if you agreed with our going over there to depose Saddam or not. The fact remains that the United States committed itself as a country to bringing down the old regime in Iraq. In doing so we also committed ourselves to helping to rebuild the country once Saddam fell.

Now that Saddam is out, we cannot allow ourselves to simply quit now and say "OK we did what we came to do, Saddam is gone, the country is yours to run" and then pull everything back home to the US. It is absolutely necessary that we stay in Iraq and help to rebuild their infrastructure and government. If we pull out at this stage, we are doing a disservice to the citizens of Iraq. Yes, we will have eliminated their "evil dictator", but what will we have left them in his place, anarchy and total chaos. I don't know that I would consider life in a situation like that to be necessarily better than life under Saddam.

Once we commit ourselves to a task we've got to see it through to it's ultimate conclusion. This is true for individuals and it becomes even more true in things dealing with our nation as a whole.
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